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Eloqua Lauches AppCloud Connector To Integrate Marketing Ecosystem

eloquaACAt Eloqua Experience Europe June 21, 2011, Eloqua unveiled the “Eloqua AppCloud,” calling it an “online marketplace for BtoB marketing applications.”

Designed as a platform for the marketing application community, Eloqua launched its AppCloud with 20 “connectors,” including Lithium Technologies, Jigsaw and ON24, but anticipates a substantial expansion of the platform, with new applications focused on social, data and conferencing, according to Eloqua CMO Brian Kardon.

Marketers have a variety of vendors they use for data, social, webinar and other activities,” Kardon told DemandGen Report. “So often, the buyer information – ‘digital body language’ – from these programs are in separate silos. The more information you know about a prospect, the better you are able to address their specific needs and win their business.”

With the rapid growth of cloud-based services, channels and applications, getting a complete view of the buyer can be challenging. Eloqua AppCloud is designed to enable marketers to browse, evaluate and integrate marketing, sales and social media applications.

Designed to help streamline the complete view of the buyer, the “connectors” are positioned to help marketers garner actionable data to help trigger more personalized, relevant communications, which has become a key element of the Revenue Performance Management (RPM) concept.

According to a recent Gleanster report titled Revenue Performance Management: The Sales and Marketing Playbook Finally Has a Name, RPM demands a holistic approach to prospect engagement, and connectivity is critical.

Kardon said the AppCloud will extend more into the sales side of the revenue funnel, via connections to sales intelligence and enablement platforms. “Think about all the vendors in a marketer’s eco-system: webcast and data providers, social media listening platforms, online community vendors, event registration, and more,” he said. “Sales intelligence and sales enablement are part of that ecosystem. Coming soon to a cloud near you!”

The list of connectors available today on Eloqua AppCloud includes Adobe Connect, Eloqua Discover for Salesforce, ReadyTalk, RapLeaf and DemandBase, among others.