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Engagio Launches Unified Account Inbox Solution

Engagio, an account-based measurement and engagement platform, has released a Unified Account Inbox solution as part of its Scout for Sales system, designed to help marketing and sales teams understand account engagement from insights that may have gotten lost in email inboxes.

The Unified Account Inbox solution aims to inform sales and marketing teams by making all internal conversations and team data available to all team members. Sales reps can use the data to access target account emails and calendars, allowing for a better understanding of the accounts themselves, prioritization of viable accounts in the market and the ability to close active deals faster.

“Today’s B2B companies are becoming more strategic about their priorities and investments, so making the shift from more general sales initiatives to targeted ABM initiatives is imperative,” said Jon Miller, Co-founder and CEO of Engagio, in a statement. “ABM is founded in a comprehensive understanding of an organization’s relationship to an account, and emails and calendars contain a wealth of information that typically gets lost. Engagio Scout finds that information and shares it with the sales team at the right time. It’s the bridge between prioritizing accounts, coordinating programs and accelerating revenue creation, and it’s a necessity for sales teams that understand the importance of strategy and personalization.”