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EverString And Bombora Combine AI And Intent Data Through Partnership

  • Written by Matthew Halchak
  • Published in News Briefs


EverString, a provider of AI-assisted sales and marketing software, has partnered with B2B intent data company Bombora to speed up prospecting for sales and marketing teams.

Through the partnership, EverString aims to combine its self-service AI with Bombora’s proprietary intent data to identify companies rising within EverString’s Audience Platform. The partnership enables EverString users to discover other companies that actively research their products and services.

The EverString Audience Platform will give companies access to:

  • Search capabilities to identify high-fit prospects;
  • Sales and account intelligence, contacts and firmographic data; and
  • Data optimized through a combination of machine learning and distributed human intelligence.

“EverString’s partnership with Bombora gives B2B sales and marketing professionals access to valuable intent data directly within EverString Audience Platform,” said J.J. Kardwell, CEO and Co-founder of EverString, in a statement. “With integrated Bombora Surge Data, users are now able to identify companies that are the best fit for their products and services, and which are most likely to engage.”