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Full Circle Insights Introduces Microsoft Advertising Support For Digital Source Tracker

Full Circle Insights, a marketing performance measurement platform, revealed that its Digital Source Tracker (DST) product now connects digital marketing costs from Microsoft Advertising to clients’ customer relationship management (CRM) systems. 

The new functionality is designed to help B2B digital marketers report on their digital ad costs for Microsoft Search Network, including Bing and partner sites. As part of the integration, digital marketers can now include the cost analysis for their Microsoft Advertising ads in Full Circle reports and dashboards that track items such as cost per lead, cost per marketing qualified lead and more.

"Tracking costs across digital ad networks can be tricky, but this new Digital Source Tracker release simplifies it," said Bonnie Crater, President and CEO of Full Circle Insights, in a statement. "The analysis takes place inside the CRM, so marketers can leverage reporting and dashboard tools that they and their sales colleagues are already familiar with, and also use the Full Circle Engagement, Cost, Effectiveness and Revenue dashboards to make better decisions."