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FunnelCake Unveils Marketing Operations System For B2B Teams

Marketing performance measurement company FunnelCake announced its Marketing Operations System (MOS), a solution that the company says will provide users with actionable reporting tools to quantify their marketing ROI by connecting data across all of the user’s systems.

Built on the Microsoft Azure platform, the solution leverages Big Data and machine learning capabilities to give users a holistic view of their sales funnel and attribute revenue to campaigns, according to the company. FunnelCake can link the user’s buyer personas to ongoing online and offline campaigns, as well as specific content assets and sales activities.

The company says that the solution comes with preconfigured reports for revenue-based performance metrics, including:

  • Cost per lead;
  • Cost of customer acquisition;
  • Lead velocity; and
  • Full-funnel conversion rates.

“FunnelCake is based on my experience leading marketing operations for a SaaS company, where reporting on performance required massive spreadsheets and dozens of hours,” said Marko Savic, CEO and Co-Founder of FunnelCake, in a statement. “With zero effort, FunnelCake proves which campaigns contribute to revenue — while also delivering important operational insights.”

The solution is currently available in a pilot program. It offers integrations for Salesforce CRM, Oracle Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce Pardot, HubSpot Automation and CRM, according to the company. General availability is expected in Q4 2016.