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HubSpot Adds Sales App, Content Optimization, Social And Reporting Tools

HubSpot LogoHubSpot recently introduced updates to its marketing automation platform, including a Content Optimization System (COS), a social media tool called Social Inbox and a new analytic reporting engine. The company also unveiled Signals, an app for sales reps.

The COS serves as part content management system, part personalization engine, and is fully integrated with every marketing channel, according to HubSpot Co-Founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah.

Social Inbox provides context to social media posts to determine whether a message is coming from a customer, prospect or active opportunity.

The platform’s new reporting engine provides added context to marketers’ analytics. The company web site refers to an example in which marketers can see what channels are the most effective at bringing in C-level executives in a certain industry.

HubSpot’s announcement of Signals marks the first time the company has branched outside the marketing industry. The app alerts sales and service representatives with real-time notifications whenever an email is opened by an intended recipient.

Signals, a Google Chrome-based app, is available for free and is compatible with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. The team edition of the app costs $10 per month, integrates with HubSpot and Salesforce, and sends notifications when a lead revisits your web site.

“We started HubSpot to replace annoying, interruptive advertising with inbound marketing: marketing people love,” said Halligan. “Along the way we realized the customer experience doesn’t end with marketing. Today's buyers behave differently, and that means you need to transform how your organization not only does marketing, but also how you approach sales and services.”