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HubSpot Expands Offerings To Include Voice-Based Marketing Automation

, a provider of integrated marketing solutions, has added the Ifbyphone LeadResponder to the Hubspot App Marketplace. Designed to address the gap between web inquiries and sales follow-up, LeadResponder gives marketers the ability to instantly deliver inbound web leads to sales representatives as a phone call.

Ifbyphone's integration with HubSpot is designed to enable marketing and sales to streamline efforts by more quickly following up with prospects who complete a web form. LeadResponder connects a user's sales team with qualified prospects by phone while prospects are still actively engaged a web site and the solution provider is top of mind. When a qualified prospect fills out a web form, the software triggers a phone call to find an available sales rep. Once a prospect is identified, the sales rep receives basic information about the qualified prospect and is immediately connected to the buyer.

As an add-on to the HubSpot Marketplace, Ifbyphone LeadResponder for Hubspot is integrated seamlessly into customer accounts. Users simply register and view reports within their existing HubSpot platform.

"The introduction of applications like Ifbyphone's LeadResponder is just the beginning of how our companies will continue to enhance the marketing automation space," said Brian Halligan, CEO and Founder of HubSpot. "We recognized that voice-based marketing automation was a critical component to our offering, and we're thrilled that we can give our customers even better capabilities to manage their inbound leads."

Marketers can learn more by downloading a Lead Response e-Book titled How To Close More Qualified Inbound Marketing Leads, Faster.