InsideView Announces New ABM Features Within Target Solution

InsideView, a market intelligence platform, has announced the release of InsideView Target with ABM. The company stated that the solution is a redesigned version of InsideView Target that features new ABM workflows designed to help marketers search for or upload lists of companies and find contacts that look like their target customers.

The new ABM features position marketers and sellers to quickly find contacts at specific companies by typing a company name or lists to search. Users can then aggregate a list of contacts, business events and information on the technologies used in the prospective account to help marketing and sales gain a deeper understanding of their target audiences. 

“We’re doing everything we can to make ABM easier and more successful for our customers, and that includes finding the right contacts at the right companies,” said Marc Perramond, VP of Product at InsideView, in a statement. “This summer we announced Expert Services and Target Market Analytics that specifically support customers who are working on initiatives such as Total Addressable Market (TAM) expansion, Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) definition and ABM. Target with ABM continues our focus on helping customers get better at selecting accounts and operationalizing ABM.”