KickFire Unveils New Drift Integration To Enhance Buyer Conversations With Account-Level Data

Source: KickFire Source: KickFire

KickFire, an IP address intelligence and company identification technology, announced an integration with Drift, a conversational marketing and sales platform. The integration positions Drift users to uncover account-level information and firmographics that can identify anonymous website visitors and create meaningful connections with prospects.

Available now, the KickFire for Drift integration enables users to leverage custom contact attributes and data — such company name, industry, employee count, revenue range and more — in Drift conversations via chatbots. The company stated that understanding a prospect’s firmographic profile can drive better conversations that are relevant and contextual to buyer and account needs.

“The beauty of Drift’s conversational AI is that it enables companies to connect with ‘in-market buyers’ at their point of consideration,” said Tina Bean, Founder and VP of Strategic Partnerships at KickFire, in a statement. “Joined with KickFire’s advanced IP intelligence, Drift’s Pro, Company and Enterprise users will be able to de-anonymize website visitors to reveal the previously unknown company behind the conversation.”