Lattice Engines Quadruples New Bookings In Q4 2015

lattice engines placeitPredictive marketing provider Lattice Engines shared its financial results for Q4 2015, noting that it quadrupled new bookings resulting in the biggest revenue quarter in company history.

Some of Lattice Engines’ new clients signed in 2015 include Hootsuite, Malwarebytes, NGINX and Veracode. The company also noted that increased upsell with current clients had a significant impact on Q4 sales.

“Predictive marketing is proving to be the key ingredient for scaling both Contact-based and Account-based marketing efforts consistently across products, geographies and different audiences,” said Shashi Upadhyay, CEO of Lattice Engines. “Our success in 2015 was driven by the measurable value that our customers continue to derive from using predictions across the entire revenue funnel, from marketing to sales to customer success.”