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LinkedIn Adds ‘Deals’ Feature To Sales Navigator To Enhance Pipeline Management Capabilities

LinkedIn has launched new features for Sales Navigator, which the company stated will position users to expand existing customer relationships, acquire new business and maximize sales productivity. The new Deals feature aims to help reps better understand and manage pipeline.

Deals for LinkedIn Sales Navigator is designed to pull pipeline data from the user’s CRM and display it in a single web interface, limiting the number of times reps must go through each opportunity in their CRM for the data they need. Users can edit information for their entire pipeline via this page — including deal size, stage, close date, next steps and more — and all changes will sync back to the user’s CRM, according to the company.

In addition, LinkedIn unveiled:

  • An enhanced Office 365 integration that makes Sales Navigator features and data available in Microsoft Outlook for Web;
  • Search functionality updates to streamline usability;
  • Mobile Lead Pages, which is designed to give users a full Sales Navigator experience on the go; and
  • Sales Navigator Ideas, a direct line of communication with Sales Navigator product administrators for better customer support.

“Let’s face it — the weekly one-on-one between sales managers and their reps can be frustrating for both parties,” said Doug Camplejohn, VP of Product Management for Sales Solutions at LinkedIn, in a blog post detailing the announcement. “Because information in CRM or spreadsheets is often missing or out of date, these meetings can turn into a game of 20 questions with managers probing to find areas of deal risk and ways for them to help. We think Deals can improve the way reps and their managers conduct pipeline reviews.”