COVID-19 Update

Mediafly Partners With Zoom to Optimize Sales Presentations

Mediafly, a sales enablement and content management software provider, has partnered with Zoom to create an integration that optimizes their sales' workflow while working remotely. 5t9 vo1WT5G2eY2EKK n3A HTUjqdq1Q CH96JK21NevA app f69G4VKvRReIHqip4AUcHg d194aIJSTYaZY zaXRgqFQ

The integration is designed for sales teams to optimize their presentations in Zoom meetings. Zoom provides comprehensive information about meeting attendees to Mediafly, which allows sales reps to amplify their content usage analytics by engaging with clients directly through Zoom.

Sales teams will also be positioned to also launch a meeting at any time from within Mediafly’s own platform using their Zoom ID, creating a single user interface for sales and providing a seamless virtual experience for buyers.

“Sellers have always faced the challenge of presenting content that buyers find useful and engaging,” said Jason Shah, CTO of Mediafly, in a statement. “These days, the challenge is even greater because the connection has to be made remotely. Many sellers that use Mediafly are already using Zoom. By partnering with Zoom, we enable them to simplify their workflow and deliver their engaging, effective, Mediafly-powered presentation experience in the same way they would have with face-to-face [interactions].”