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Metadata Joins LinkedIn Marketing Partners Program, Integrates AI Ad Testing Capabilities

Metadata, an AI-powered demand generation platform, has partnered with LinkedIn Marketing to integrate its platform with LinkedIn’s advertising APIs. By joining the Partners Program, Metadata is positioned to help marketers design and improve ABM campaigns on the social platform.

Metadata is designed to use AI technology to automate and optimize the ad campaign testing and execution processes. The partnership aims to enable joint customers to better target and engage account decision makers via LinkedIn advertising.

“We're thrilled to bring Metadata's patented AI Operator to millions of advertisers on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions platform," said Gil Allouche, Founder and CEO at Metadata, in a statement. "Metadata gives CMOs turbo-boosted capacity to conduct multivariate campaign execution using variables like asset, offer and creative — accelerating the path to qualified leads and offering peace of mind in knowing that none of their ad spend is going to waste."