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Mintigo Announces Integration With Oracle For Predictive Sales Platform

Mintigo, an AI-based sales and marketing platform, has announced that Sales Coach 360, its AI-powered predictive sales platform, can now be integrated with Oracle Profiler, a sales productivity application from the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Through the integration, Mintigo aims to help sales and marketing professionals learn, discover and engage prospective buyers with personalized communication throughout the buyer journey.

According to Mintigo, Sales Coach 360 is positioned to integrate everything from buyer data and company insights to sales play and likelihood to buy into Oracle Profiler. The companies’ combined capabilities aim to provide users with detailed data, predictive insights and AI-powered engagement tools.

"Oracle and Mintigo share customers who are leading the way in mastering AI to engage their prospects and customers intelligently at scale, while [also] strengthening the alignment between marketing and sales,” said Atul Kumar, Chief Product Officer of Mintigo, in a statement.

"We are excited to collaborate with Mintigo to offer AI-driven sales prospecting capabilities within Oracle Profiler to our customers," said Pierre Custeau, VP of Product Management and Eloqua at Oracle, in a statement. "Mintigo's contextual recommendations for sales and rich customer insights compliments and extends the benefit of Oracle Profiler and Engage suite of sales applications.”