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Mintigo Joins Forces with Eloqua To Enhance Customer Engagement

EE13 MintigoMintigo, a marketing intelligence platform provider, has announced that it will be integrating its platform into Oracle Eloqua’s marketing automation solutions. The integration is designed to boost customer engagement and speed up the sales cycle, according to company officials. The announcement was made at Eloqua Experience 2013 being held this week.

The marketing intelligence platform provided by Mintigo helps users search through large amounts of data on the Web and social media profiles in order to target ideal prospects. Marketers will be able to send more relevant content and offers to their audience by using the data collected to learn the customer interests, according to Jacob Shama, Co-founder and CEO of Mintigo.

"It's great to see companies investing in marketing automation," Shama said. "But until you put data in the system, you're effectively guessing at which content to send when. We're making it easy for Eloqua users to target each prospect with the optimal campaign."

Mintigo is also integrated with Salesforce and Marketo.