ON24 Sees 50% Annual Increase In Live Webinars

ON24 desktop mobile tablet webinarsWebinar-based marketing solutions provider ON24 hosted 60,000 live webinars on its platform in 2015, a 50% increase from the previous year.

The news comes shortly after ON24 unveiled new mobile features, enhanced analytics and a new design for both audience and presenters for its Webcast Elite offerings. The updates position users with a more user-friendly analytics dashboard, as well as an updated interface for live and on-demand webinar management.

The company currently has 1,200 clients, including IBM, Box, SAP and JPMorgan Chase.

"We're proud to see the tremendous growth of our platform as ON24 continues to deliver billions in annual sales pipeline to our customers worldwide," said Sharat Sharan, ON24's Co-founder and CEO.