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Optimizely And Salesforce Partner For First-Ever Integration

Optimizely is partnering with Salesforce for an integration that would provide a complete view of data and measure the impact of digital efforts. The integration aims to provide value not just in digital apps, but also with people and processes by offering a solution for seamless customer experiences and key business metrics.

The Optimizely for Salesforce Data and Attribution application intends to extend the reach of experimentation as a process and business strategy to joint Salesforce and Optimizely customers. Optimizely for Salesforce connects data between Salesforce and Optimizely while removing friction for users through additional reporting capabilities. It will improve how teams use data to track and measure lead quality by enabling users to measure down-funnel metrics from Optimizely A/B testing.

“Optimizely is bringing the experimentation data into Salesforce as native data objects, making the data an integrated part of the rest of Salesforce processes and reporting. We’re excited to see what additional ways our customers will come up with using the data to connect to other Salesforce clouds and provide next level customer experiences,” said Byron Jones, Senior Director of Product Management at Optimizely in a blog post.