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PebblePost Unveils Analytics Dashboard For Programmatic Direct Mail Solution

Pebblepost imagePebblePost, a programmatic direct mail solution provider, launched its real-time analytics platform designed to provide users with insight into how their direct mail marketing campaigns are impacting prospects’ purchase decisions.

The new solution enables users to manage direct mail much like they would manage display advertising, SEO or email campaigns. Marketers can review daily metrics on mail sent, response rates and conversion rates. They can also review how segments of prospects respond during a 30-day attribution cycle.

The information can also be used to enhance future direct mail marketing campaigns to produce enhanced results.

"Marketers have become reliant on the real-time feedback of digital marketing efforts; but results stemming from direct mail have always been strong,” said Lewis Gersh, founder and CEO of PebblePost, in a statement. “For the first time ever, there is now a way to review the results of a campaign and make decisions on that insight on a daily basis.”