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Rainmaker Adds Educational Enhancement To B2B e-Commerce Solution

Rainmaker Systems, Inc.,
a global provider of B2B e-commerce solutions, today announced enhancements to its B2B e-Commerce solution. The company’s solutions are designed to drive online sales and renewals for products, subscriptions and training for clients and their channel partners.

The new enhancement is designed to optimize online training by creating mixed course types. The new feature enables users to create one course that can be scheduled as different types of classes such as instructor-led, eLearning or virtual classroom. The enhancement offers users ease of class administration, simplified on-going maintenance and better reporting.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA, Rainmaker works with a variety of B2B customers, including Intel, Symantec, Microsoft, Ariba, AT&T, Nokia and Cisco.   

Rainmaker ‘s product suite is focused on helping companies more efficiently reach the middle market. Designed to help organizations working with multiple vendors, Rainmaker’s integrated solution helps support global sales efforts.