ReadyTalk To Enhance Marketo Integration, Add Qualitative Data Insight

monitor video conferencing overviewOnline conferencing and webinar services provider ReadyTalk will enhance its existing integration with Marketo, positioning users to gain insight from in-event chat interactions to supplement data from attendee polls and surveys.

The integration also strives to provide users with insight into attendance duration and entry/exit times, which can be used to identify key topics that promote further engagement and identify areas that are causing attendees to leave online events. Users can also now use Marketo Smart Campaign to segment leads based on event activity, positioning sales with higher quality leads.

"When it comes to feeding data points into marketing automation or CRM systems, it's supremely important to be able to drill down to the level of the individual," said Beth Toeniskoetter, Product Strategist at ReadyTalk. "Knowing exactly how a certain lead responded or engaged can have a significant impact on how your team follows up and differentiates future communications with that person."