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Ringlead Debuts New Solution Featuring Account-Based Lead Routing

webtoleadRingLead, a data quality solution provider, has launched Unique Web-to-Lead. This new solution is designed to prevent lead duplication, link leads to existing accounts and append firmographic, contact and social data.

Unique Web-to-Lead also offers a suite of solutions intended to streamline the lead qualification process, including:

  • Lead Enhancement with Social and Firmographic Information, which aims to minimize the number of fields on marketers’ forms with improved conversion rates.
  • Account-Based Lead Routing, which is designed to link new leads to matching accounts; and
  • Email Validation, which offers results that can be routed to CRM and marketing automation systems.

"RingLead's Unique Web-to-Lead is must-have integration for any organization attempting to implement data-driven sales and marketing strategies," said Brandon Carstens, Director of Product Management at Ringlead, in a statement. "We are especially excited about the Account-Based Lead Routing and firmographic append features in this software. Anyone attempting to implement an ABM strategy needs a tool like this to effectively manage their lead flow."