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RollWorks Announces New Integrations With Multiple Personalization Platforms

RollWorks, an account-based platform, announced a new Site Visitor API that powers new integrations with Reactful, Hushly and Uberflip, aiming to provide insights and improve personalized account-based strategies.

The personalization integrations include:

  • Uberflip’s Personalized ABM Destinations leverages Rollworks’ data to create personalized ABM campaign destinations that matches the account’s industry, purchasing intent, etc.;
  • Reactful’s Account-based Experience Platform positions Rollworks’ customers to target the high-value website visitors, aligning the website’s messaging and content in real-time for a personalized experience; and
  • Hushly’s AI-Powered Personalized Content Experience uses AI to provide content engagement and lead conversion and enrichment to supercharge account-based strategies.

By partnering with multiple personalization orgs, the new Site Visitor API is designed to enable account-level identification and help marketers create personalized web experiences website visitors. The company also announced a new integration with Google Analytics, aiming to provide account-level analysis for alignment with marketers’ strategies.

"Many marketers want to better understand their anonymous website traffic to create a more tailored experience for accounts visiting and analyze trends over time," said Justin Cooperman, VP of Product at RollWorks, in a statement. "Our Site Visitor API directly addresses this growing use case in ABM and helps improve web, chat, and landing page personalization by identifying accounts that were previously unknown. By integrating these insights with leading personalization partners like Uberflip, Reactful and Hushly, we're helping customers activate these insights, no matter what platform they may already be using."