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Salesforce Launches LiveMessage Tool For Automated Data Gathering In Service Cloud

Salesforce unveiled its LiveMessage solution, which the company states enables users to automate data gathering processes and simple support inquiries to increase rep productivity and data accuracy.

LiveMessage offers new Service Cloud Bots which can automate data collection and routing to relevant account records and service cases, according to Salesforce. The solution also includes a “Bring Your Own Bot” feature that enables users to integrate third-party bot services and tie them to their CRM.

“The best customer service today is conversational and on the customer’s terms,” said Mike Rosenbaum, EVP of CRM Apps at Salesforce, in a statement. “LiveMessage seamlessly blends CRM and mobile messaging in an intuitive way that’s easy for companies to deploy.”

At launch, the solution enables companies to communicate with customers via SMS and Facebook Messenger, according to Salesforce. The company also said that it plans to add additional messaging apps in the future.