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Salesforce Launches Wave Analytics For B2B, Continues Growth In Data Market

Salesforce continues to build on its business intelligence offerings by unveiling its expansion of the Wave Analytics portfolio into the marketing realm. Primarily focusing on sales, services and IT, Wave Analytics for B2B Marketing offers insight on campaign performance and marketing spend to better align the marketing and sales teams, according to the company.

The company states that Wave Analytics for B2B Marketing enables users to gain deeper insight from their marketing and CRM data — as well as third-party data sources such as Google Analytics and event management platforms — in a single location. This new level of insight can help marketers evaluate campaign performance and position them to enhance future initiatives with actionable data.

“Marketers don’t just need data; they need actionable insights,” said Shannon Duffy, VP of Marketing for Salesforce Pardot, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “This is hard because this data resides in a bunch of different places and might need a data scientist to make sense of it.”

Duffy added that this solution “combines all your marketing, sales and third party data in a single place, while also making it smarter by positioning users to drill down into specific metrics to find insights that will help them make smarter decisions.”

The move is part of a longer game plan for the cloud software giant as it looks to grow its presence in the business intelligence space. In a recent interview with Forbes, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff unveiled a sneak peek at Salesforce Einstein, which he believes is the first artificial intelligence (AI) platform for CRM. While the company declined to share more details on the topic, Salesforce notes that it will be one of the main focuses at its annual Dreamforce conference.

This announcement came after Salesforce made a number of acquisitions in the business intelligence market since the start of the year. Most recently, Salesforce acquired BeyondCore, an enterprise analytics startup, for an undisclosed fee. Other notable acquisitions by Salesforce since the beginning of 2016 include PredictionIO, MetaMind and Implisit.