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Salesforce Pardot Offers Data Reporting And Visualization Enhancements

Salesforce Pardot Offers Data Reporting And Visualization Enhancements Source: Salesforce

Salesforce Pardot unveiled new reporting capabilities designed to help users gain a holistic view of their marketing initiatives and identify the ROI of their marketing strategies.

The new data visualization and reporting features position Pardot users to keep its own set of scores for each part of their business units.

Other features include:

  • The ability to tie closed deals back to its original source with closed-loop reporting;
  • Tools that can help users match anonymous website visitor behavior and Pardot prospect data to enhance lead scores; and
  • Faster data synching between Pardot and Salesforce, keeping both the marketing and sales teams aligned with accurate data.

"Marketing and sales needs to be on the same page; the data has to be as accurate as possible," said Adam Blitzer, SVP & GM, Salesforce Pardot, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. "If something happens in marketing, it needs to get to sales as quickly as possible. Having the right information at the right time truly matters, and this aims to help optimize the systems."

Salesforce also highlighted its new Gmail integration for Salesforce Engage, the company's real-time email application for sales reps. The tool offers sales reps a panel of information that identifies key insights on particular leads found within the email chain — including contact information, lead score and grade, as well as marketing actions that the prospect engaged with. The solution also allows sales reps to move leads to nurture paths setup through Pardot directly from their email.

"Providing reps the opportunities to easily move leads to nurture campaigns keep these leads on their radar and can bring leads back to life," Blitzer added.