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Salesforce Unveils Details On CDP Offering, Aims To Bring True 360-Degree View Of Customers

Source: Salesforce Source: Salesforce

Salesforce announced new details about its Customer 360 offering, which officially brings the company into the customer data platform (CDP) race. The company detailed that Customer 360 will be designed to act as a data layer underneath its Marketing, Sales, Service and Commerce Cloud offerings.

Unveiled at its annual Connections event in Chicago, Salesforce noted that Customer 360 will position users to bring together disparate customer data throughout their business, then further personalize engagement based on that holistic customer view. The company said that it will bring Customer 360 into pilot by the Fall of 2019.

Specifically, Salesforce Customer 360 will arm current and prospective customers with:

  • Connected data and unified consent: Users will be able to connect all customer data to create a single profile for their customers and accounts. Salesforce’s consent management framework will position companies to gain customer consent through any engagement.
  • Deeper segmentation: Segmentation capabilities will position companies to identify specific groups of people to engage with in real time based on all available customer data.
  • Universal personalization: With a more specific segment, users will be able to active that data across Marketing, Commerce, Service and more.
  • Optimization via Einstein Insights: With Einstein AI, users will be able to have customer profiles continuously update based on their behaviors to provide the most relevant, contextual experience to customers.

“I think it's a really interesting time for Salesforce,” said Patrick Stokes, SVP of Product Management for Salesforce Customer 360, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “I think we've had a lot of success and we're really proud of all of the portfolio applications that we've been able to put together across the Sales, Service, Commerce and Marketing [clouds]. But what I'm most excited for now is to move into this next phase, where it's not just about one individual cloud. It's about what can we do for retail, what we can do for manufacturing and what we can do for financial services across everything that we offer. And I think that's the direction that we're moving towards — it’s about bringing solutions to our customers, not just bringing them in individual clouds.”

The announcement comes at a time when CDP development is in full swing among the enterprise cloud ecosystems. Adobe, which recently acquired Marketo to fill out its cloud offerings, announced it is working on a single-ID CDP system for its customers, while Oracle has been developing its CX Unity offering since the latter part of 2018.