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SAP Launches New Solution For Managing Customer Data, Partner Access

Source: SAP Source: SAP

SAP unveiled SAP Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solutions designed to help B2B companies manage customer and partner data. The SaaS solutions aim to offer secure identity, consent and access control with built-in authorization processes.

CIAM is positioned to help customers:

  • Manage digital identities and track user preferences and consent across the entire lifecycle;
  • Simplify customer and partner access with policy-based access control and organizational access management; and
  • Ensure data protection and privacy compliance to build trust with customers and partners.

“As the relationship matures, so does the complexity of managing a potentially massive network of external stakeholders globally, with access to internal data,” said Ben Jackson, General Manager of the SAP Customer Data Cloud, in a statement. “SAP CIAM for B2B offers policy-based access control, looking at the wider context of who you are before granting a partner user access to data. As we reach the first anniversary of GDPR, we are now also providing a smarter way to manage a deeply complex ecosystem while maintaining trust."