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Silverpop Brings More Personalization To Web Sites With Smart Content

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customers now have the opportunity to personalize their web sites with the launch of Smart Content.

Smart Content is designed to connect with the Silverpop Engage marketing database and the user web site, allowing for new, personalized content to be written in HTML coding in real time. When consumers visit a site supported with Smart Content, the marketing automation solution will automatically recognize them and present tailored content on the page based on behavioral marketing data.

The new feature is designed to help marketers make changes to their web site content more easily, and launch new campaigns without requiring assistance from their IT departments.

Smart Content is compatible with any content management system to provide a personalized, mobile-optimized researching experience.

“Marketers are getting really good at dynamically delivering incredibly relevant messages via email, but too often a similar, personalized strategy is not followed when it comes to the corporate website,” said Bryan Brown, VP of Product Strategy at Silverpop. “This not only results in a disconnected customer experience, but it could be leading to missed revenue opportunities. With Smart Content, marketers can leverage everything they know about a customer to create a personalized web experience, thus continuing the nurturing process across another channel.”