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Silverpop Grows Reseller Channel And Adds EU Data Center

silverpop logoSilverpop, a provider of digital marketing technology solutions, announced the growth of its reseller channel. Revenue for its reseller network in Q1 2013 increased 74% as compared to the same time last year, according to company officials.

The network now offers Silverpop a presence in Australia/APAC, Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe with reseller relationships among partners such as Nitryx, Grapevine, Engage Digital, Entera and VIV.

In addition, Silverpop has recently launched a new data center. Hosted in Germany, the data center is designed to enhance the company's compliance with European Union (EU) privacy directives to include an option for customers to store data exclusively in the EU, company officials said.

"The launch of our EU data center is an integral step in continuing to help marketers in the UK, Germany and the rest of Europe deliver the most effective communications to their customers while continuing to adhere to local data privacy directives," said Bill Nussey, CEO of Silverpop. "To make this announcement at the same time as we celebrate the success of our reseller channel speaks volumes about our commitment to our customers worldwide. It reflects our focus on giving marketers in EMEA and around the globe all the tools possible to become more strategic and more efficient while improving the customer experience by delivering the most effective digital marketing possible."