Sojourn Solutions Partners With Bizible To Enhance Marketing Attribution

Sojourn Solutions, a marketing optimization firm, has announced its partnership with Bizible, a B2B marketing attribution and planning software. The partnership will position Sojourn Solutions to offer marketing attribution capabilities to its clients, while Bizible will receive a partner that can offer implementation services to Oracle Eloqua clients.

Sojourn Solutions aims to automate marketing operations and enhance strategies. By accessing Bizible’s attribution features, which use machine learning to pair advertisement and behavioral data with sales outcomes, Sojourn Solutions is positioned to provide marketers with the information needed to make better decisions and grow revenue.

“Our customers are smart and want to make decisions based on real evidence,” said Dan Vawter, Managing Partner at Sojourn Solutions, in a statement. “Bizible will help them make informed decisions and optimize every aspect of their marketing revenue. The insights from Bizible are truly actionable.”