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Study: Data Analytics Investment Expected To Rise In 2015

On24 logoInvestment into data analytics tools is predicted to increase in 2015, according to a recent study from ON24. The study shows that a majority (97%) of B2B marketers find that using data analytics has shown enhanced results in marketing campaigns, and 87% of respondents stated they plan to increase marketing analytics spend in 2015.

The survey, conducted by Redshift Research, surveyed more than 220 B2B marketers on how marketing analytics are being leveraged within their organizations. The research also examined expectations for Big Data’s role in the workplace.

The report also highlights how marketers are less concerned with implementing the best-of-breed technology. More than half (60%) of B2B marketers are more focused on getting clear data and finding a solution that is easy to implement and use (53%), even more than finding the most sophisticated piece of technology (36%).

“As marketers continue to rely on increasingly sophisticated tools, the integral role of data on all facets of marketing becomes more evident,” said Ken Robinson, CMO for ON24. “The results of our latest survey underscore the opportunity for all marketers to tap into the data available to them for enhanced lead generation programs that positively impact their bottom line.”

Other key findings include:

  • 40% of enterprise respondents always see tangible results from marketing analytics, compared to 24% of SMBs;
  • 65% of respondents said they have just the right amount of data to be useful; and
  • 86% of marketers are able to measure how customers are interacting with their content.