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Radius Announces New Integrations With DMPs, Facebook, Google And Twitter

Radius, a B2B data and intelligence company, unveiled new integrations across data management providers (DMPs), Facebook, Google AdWords and Twitter. The integrations are designed to enable users to connect existing email, direct mail, telesales and other existing channels to identify and target audiences in a comprehensive, omnichannel environment.

B2B Marketers Adjusting Search Strategies To Account For Mobile

shutterstock 114836104Mobile is no longer strictly the domain of B2C marketers. Due to the growing propensity for B2B buyers tobringtheir mobile phones or tablet devices wherever they go, marketers need to factor in mobile when developing their strategies for search engine optimization (SEO), paid search and ad extensions, among other tactics.

Search engine optimization has evolved in its own way, transforming from a keyword-driven search into a process fueled by quality content. Google’s implementation of the Hummingbird algorithm in 2013 is the poster child for the SEO makeover, leaving B2B marketers with new challenges in promoting online products and services. SEO must be held to a different standard for mobile users who are likely looking for an immediate answer to a direct query.

The New Rules Of SEO: Quality Content Gets A Lead Role In The Hunt For Search Engine Relevance

SEO imageB2B marketers walk a fine line when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. In a world where B2B buyers are increasingly likely to use search as the first step in their research, understanding how to improve a brand’s search rankings is more important than ever.

“In B2B, you’re often dealing with leads that need a solution to a problem, but they don’t know what they don’t know yet,” said Corey Eridon, Inbound Content Marketing Manager at HubSpot. “When that happens, they go to a search engine and discover what they need to learn.”

Social Networks Drive Stronger Than Expected Mobile Ad Revenue

Mobile1If the latest 2012 ad spending numbers are any indication, 2013 is going to be quite a year for mobile marketing.

According to recent eMarketer data, U.S. mobile ad spending grew much more quickly than expected during the last part of 2012. The research organization now expects mobile ad spending to increase 180% this year to $4 billion – much higher than the $2.61 billion previously forecast in September 2012.

Demandbase Launches B2B Online Advertising Platform

, a provider of B2B marketing technology solutions, today announced a new online ad-targeting service designed for the business-to-business market.

The company's Demandbase Company-Targeted Advertising platform will allow B2B advertisers to deliver online ads tailored to specific companies or to groups of companies that match particular attributes. The platform also includes measurement and performance analysis tools.

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