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The Four Pillars Of Inbound Marketing No One Ever Taught You

B2B companies are aware that inbound marketing is a staple in today’s B2B marketplace; however, are you maximizing inbound marketing to its full potential? This infographic from Issue Magazine Plus spotlights the four key pillars essential to inbound marketing, while also providing tips and best practices to incorporate these pillars into your marketing campaigns and start driving demand.

SEO Strategy: Go Beyond Keywords To Satisfy B2B Buyer Needs

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains a key element of a successful content marketing strategy, but today’s approach has to focus on answering buyers’ questions as they conduct research at various stages of the buying cycle. Buyers also need to use SEO to make content more accessible and easy to surface.

B2B Marketers Adjusting Search Strategies To Account For Mobile

shutterstock 114836104Mobile is no longer strictly the domain of B2C marketers. Due to the growing propensity for B2B buyers tobringtheir mobile phones or tablet devices wherever they go, marketers need to factor in mobile when developing their strategies for search engine optimization (SEO), paid search and ad extensions, among other tactics.

Search engine optimization has evolved in its own way, transforming from a keyword-driven search into a process fueled by quality content. Google’s implementation of the Hummingbird algorithm in 2013 is the poster child for the SEO makeover, leaving B2B marketers with new challenges in promoting online products and services. SEO must be held to a different standard for mobile users who are likely looking for an immediate answer to a direct query.

TreeHouse Interactive Adds Tools For Lead Nurturing, Qualification

Treehouse Interactive LogoTreeHouse Interactive
announced enhancements to the Content Marketing Manager module of its Marketing View marketing automation platform. The update is designed to provide marketing professionals with the tools for faster and more efficient creation of nurturing campaigns and improve the lead qualification process.

“Interaction with prospective buyers through the delivery of meaningful content, at the right time in the buying cycle, is key to nurturing and ultimately converting prospects into sales,” said Erich Flynn, CEO of TreeHouse Interactive, in an interview with Demand Gen Report. “What is important in this update is the ability to nurture by category and establish complex associations for lead nurturing.”

Marketers Search For Alternatives To Google Keyword Analytics

SEO shutterstock 108670967With the rollout of Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm in September 2013, B2B marketers no longer receive keyword search data in their Google Analytics reports. Some refer to it as the “[not provided]” problem, as that it the message they get in place of the data. While the change was in the works for two years, it still has some marketers scrambling to find alternative ways to direct online traffic to their web sites.

Progressive marketers are responding to this change by making original, high-quality content the cornerstone of their search marketing efforts. Many are also optimizing their sites for the conversational, question-type queries that Hummingbird is designed to recognize.

Infographic: The SEO Potential Of Content Marketing

content-marketing-social-seo dgr chart of the week facebook

When done correctly, content marketing, social media and SEO are a triple threat for lead generation. Being interesting helps get you better search rankings, larger audiences, and ultimately, more impressive results, as demonstrated in this infographic from Adept Marketing.

Infographic: SEO Gives Your Event Lasting Value

Adding SEO to your promotional strategy can give your one-time event greater longevity and a lasting return. This infographic from BKV, a digital marketer firm, outlines the steps to maximizing your on-line or off-line event.

The Pedowitz Group Adds SEM And SEO To List Of Services

Pedowitz Group logoThe Pedowitz Group, a revenue marketing agency, is expanding its services with a new Search Services offering that includes Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The addition of these SEO/SEM services gives the company a better opportunity to assist clients in increasing web site traffic and revenue, according to company sources.

The New Rules Of SEO: Quality Content Gets A Lead Role In The Hunt For Search Engine Relevance

SEO imageB2B marketers walk a fine line when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. In a world where B2B buyers are increasingly likely to use search as the first step in their research, understanding how to improve a brand’s search rankings is more important than ever.

“In B2B, you’re often dealing with leads that need a solution to a problem, but they don’t know what they don’t know yet,” said Corey Eridon, Inbound Content Marketing Manager at HubSpot. “When that happens, they go to a search engine and discover what they need to learn.”

Act-On Extends Inbound Marketing Capabilities, Unveils Mobile App

Act-On LogoAct-On announced Act-On Inbound, which extends Act-On’s marketing automation platform to include advanced inbound marketing capabilities such as SEO enhancement and in-depth metrics. The company also announced a new mobile app for Android and iPhone users along with increased offerings of mobile-optimized templates, forms, and preview options within the interface.

Act-On Inbound allows customers to optimize their content, blog, and web site for search engines, manage keywords for both SEO and AdWords, and accurately measure the effectiveness of these campaigns.

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