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Study: 52% Of Marketers Engage Customers In Real Time, Across Multiple Channels

The ongoing increase in priority to offer real-time personalization is positioning marketing leaders to act as the cross-functional medium for connecting customer experiences, according to new research from Salesforce. The company’s fifth edition of its State of Marketing report shows that more than half (52%) of marketers engage customers in real time across one or more channels, signaling how progressive businesses are identifying opportunities for more personalized engagement with potential customers on their terms. This can be attributed to the growing adoption of AI and increase in data sources to enhance customer engagement, according to the report.

Study: Data Challenges Main Concern For Connecting Cross-Channel Measurement

1aSalesforce ReportWhile marketing leaders look to evolve their customer journeys to enhance the customer experience, new research from Salesforce shows that data continues to be a struggle for companies to meet their goals. Sixty-seven percent of marketing leaders say creating a connected customer journey across all touchpoints and channels is critical to the success of their entire marketing strategy. But overall, only 23% of marketers are extremely satisfied with their ability to leverage customer data to create more relevant experiences.

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