ZoomInfo Unveils FormComplete For Shorter Lead Gen Forms

Zoominfo logoZoomInfo, a B2B database software company, launched FormComplete, a solution that positions users to increase inbound conversion rates with real-time data provided through shorter lead generation forms. This data can then be synced into the user's CRM or marketing automation solution.

The solution is also designed to flag inaccurate information and complete missing fields. This feature intends to keep information flowing into the CRM in the correct format, while also routing leads to the correct sales rep.

ZoomInfo Community Edition Reaches 100,000-User Milestone

Zoominfo logoBusiness information provider ZoomInfo announced that it surpassed the 100,000-member mark for its ZoomInfo Community Edition, which provides B2B marketers with updated company data, including business emails, direct phone numbers, company background and news mentions.

The service, which does not require a subscription, enables members to search and segment profiles that are continuously refreshed with data from thousands of news sites, millions of company web sites and contributions members, according to ZoomInfo officials.

New ZoomInfo For Salesforce App Offers B2B Data Accuracy Improvements

ZoomInfo has announced a partnership with that allows users to instantly update data in their accounts, contacts and leads with just-verified information from ZoomInfo’s business profiles.

The new ZoomInfo for Salesforce app adds a panel to users' accounts, which highlights available data from ZoomInfo that is either more recent than or missing from existing records in Additionally, a user can instantly find other contacts at a prospect’s company without ever having to leave

Industry Vendors Eyeing The Potential Impact of ‘Do Not Track’ Legislation

Online privacy has come under the microscope following the February introduction of a bill that would regulate the collection and use of information obtained from Internet tracking. The "Do Not Track Me Online Act of 2011" would give the Federal Trade Commission the right to create regulations that would force online marketers to offer online users the ability to opt-out of online tracking.

Given marketers’ pressure to focus on relevant, targeted offers, this could potentially impact the way marketers track and collect behavioral activity. “In a business environment, IT professionals may start to set company machine browser settings to a default do not track status which could have a pretty significant impact on online data collection and analytics,” said Dick Reed, CEO, Just Media. “The results in either case would be some very significant and negative impacts on both campaign targeting and analytics.”

Asking The Big Question: How Much Better Would Your Company Perform Without Obsolete Data?

KathySextonNew study: companies acknowledge negative impact of outdated BtoB data

By Kathy Greenler Sexton, Vice President of Marketing, ZoomInfo

Outdated BtoB contact data is pervasive — and, like a runaway train, it’s getting worse by the minute. In the time it takes you to read this, a couple hundred changes will happen in the business landscape that affect contact information (job changes, businesses starting and failing, etc.). Sales and marketing teams are hard pressed to keep pace with the changes. This is one of the findings of a just-published DemandGen Report study.

ZoomInfo Adds Email Contact Sharing; Reports 250% Increase in Enterprise Sales

ZoomInfo recently announced the addition of a new plug-in designed to find active business contacts in users’ email messages and automatically upload the information to the ZoomInfo BtoB directory. The plug-in offers salespeople, small business owners and jobseekers ongoing access to the entire ZoomInfo Database of millions of BtoB profiles.

The company said that during a market test of its new ZoomInfo Community Edition, more than 25,000 people installed the email plug-in, contributing approximately one million new contacts to ZoomInfo.

New ZoomInfo Service Tests Email Addresses To Verify Deliverability

, a leading provider of business contact data, today announced a service designed to help BtoB email marketers improve deliverability, as well as avoid blacklisting and other problems associated with high bounce rates.

ZoomInfo Email Address Validator is designed to test every email address in a customer’s database (without sending actual messages) to confirm deliverability. The service returns the customer’s file with all invalid email addresses and spam traps tagged for easy removal or replacement, along with a detailed report. ZoomInfo’s data experts also can remove all invalid addressees, replace outdated information with correct data and help marketers find more buyers by adding new contacts and appending other missing data to existing records.

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