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Terminus Launches Engagement Hub To Unify Account-Based Engagement Efforts

Terminus, a full-funnel ABM platform, has launched its Terminus Engagement Hub, aiming to provide data and attribution capabilities that allow users to connect their email, advertising, web and chat experiences under one unified hub.

Features of the Engagement Hub include:

  • An integrated, full-funnel ABM platform that enables access to Terminus’ Measurement Studio, Data Studio and engagement channels from one location;
  • Enhanced ABM Scorecards with trends that identify successful market segments, to track win rates and compare current and prior marketing performances;
  • A list building feature in Terminus’ Data Studio that allows users to import and connect Salesforce account IDs, hoping to help users push built lists across their engagement channels and connect their target accounts to measurement and attribution analytics;
  • Terminus Chat, an integrated account-based chat experience that aims to allow users to engage targets from anywhere; and
  • Data Studio’s Improved actioning that aims to help users filter their accounts based on their advertising performance and engagement metrics.

“ABM is more than a marketing strategy, it’s a business strategy,” said Bryan Wade, Chief Product Officer at Terminus, in a statement. “It’s more important than ever. Marketers are challenged to nurture an existing customer base while still driving quality top-of-funnel activity, all in a digital world. Now with the Terminus Engagement Hub, our customers can own every point of engagement with target audiences and track all activity at the account-level in a single platform. Full-funnel ABM is now easier than ever.”