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True Influence Releases InsightBASE Version 2.0 For Enriched Intent Data

Source: True Influence Source: True Influence

True Influence, an ABM platform provider, launched InsightBASE Version 2.0. The updated account acceleration platform aims to help businesses monitor the online activity of prospective buyers.

InsightBASE Version 2.0 is designed to identify intent signals from web impressions, searches, and email opens. It is positioned to use this intent data to build profiles of which companies and locations are in market and actively searching for a solution.

The platform includes updates designed to:

  • Improve user workflows;
  • Uncover purchase intent of accounts that fit a business’ ICP;
  • Compile comprehensive contact records on prospective customers;
  • Verify leads and data accuracy; and
  • Identify trends based on company, location and international market.

“Today, companies tend to rely on first-party lists or behavioral data to plan their B2B marketing approach, but that is just a small piece of the puzzle,” said Brian Giese, CEO of True Influence, in a statement. “The fact is, B2B decision makers take a complex journey before making buying choices by conducting research for their next big purchase. To be truly competitive, it’s critical to have a complete, worldwide picture of your prospects’ overall online purchase journey.”