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Uberflip Unveils Two Content Experience Certifications

Uberflip, a digital content experience platform, has launched two new certification opportunities designed to help marketers fill in gaps in their marketing strategies and design personalized digital experiences and campaigns that increase revenue, pipeline and retention.

The two new certifications include:

  • A Content Experience Certification that uses the company’s five-step Content Experience framework to support a marketer’s ability to create personalized campaigns and accelerate the buyer’s journey to drive results; and
  • A Platform Strategy Certification that helps marketers understand Uberflip’s features and how leveraging them in their own marketing strategies can help them manage digital experiences, uncover audience insights and accelerate the buyer’s journey.

“Our goal has always been to support our audience of marketers and let them in on how our team best leverages content to drive revenue,” said Uberflip CMO Randy Frisch in a statement. “Going to market quickly and seeing real engagement on campaigns is more important than ever and what will ultimately drive business growth in this new reality. Content experience can help with that, which is why we created these certifications — to help marketers get personalized campaigns out the door faster than ever before.”