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Widen Unveils DAM Insights, Offers Internal And External Content Analytics

Widen placeitWiden Enterprises, a digital asset management (DAM) solutions provider, has launched DAM Insights, an analytics tool designed to combine internal analytics and web data. This positionsB2B marketers to better understand where their content is being published, who is consuming the content and the overall ROI of individual assets.

Available through the company's DAM solution Media Collective, DAM Insights positions users to track content engagement and identify how content is curated and consumed by prospects, users and partners. New dashboards enable users to measure ROI for more complex content formats such as video, infographics and more.

The new tool also positions B2B marketers to:

  • Track intended use data, identifying which channels particular pieces of content are planned to be shared through;
  • Monitor user downloads, intended to help companies report on which DAM users are leveraging what content to identify success; and
  • Track behavioral analytics such as views, downloads and social media shares.

“It’s too easy for social media marketers, brand managers and creative directors to invest time and budget in the wrong content,” said Jake Athey, Marketing Director at Widen. “We are rethinking analytics to not just give metrics but organize them into visuals that illuminate the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in an organization’s content strategy. This is for marketers who want to use data to maximize their content spend."