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Workato Joins Adobe Exchange Partner Program

Workato, an enterprise automation platform, has announced an integration with Adobe. Now, as an Adobe Exchange Partner, the platform will allow marketers to connect Market Engage with apps such as Adobe Experience Manager, Magento Commerce and Adobe Analytics, empowering them to automate work, deliver intelligent marketing touches and achieve lead attribution.

Specifically, the partnership is designed to enable marketers to:

  • Align sales and marketing by syncing every custom object to any CRM (like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce), on-prem, or cloud app;
  • Clean, enrich, score and route leads to sales faster without losing attribution;
  • Automatically launch and pause programs and campaigns across different channels;
  • Access the right data at the right time by syncing with central data lakes/warehouses; and
  • Set up automated processes for account-based marketing and notifying sales in real-time.

"In recent years, the martech stack has exploded; the average marketing team uses 40+ applications,” said Workato CMO Bhaskar Roy in a statement. “In order to streamline overall marketing and sales operations, these apps need to work with the company's CRM, sales development tools, and other applications. Integration and automation are crucial to a working martech stack; there's just no way around that."