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Yesware Backed By Google Ventures & Foundry Group; Launches Email Tracking Product For Sales

, an email productivity service provider, recently launched its cloud-based email productivity services funded by Google Ventures, Foundry Group and several other angel investors. Yesware is a suite of productivity services including email analytics, customizable templates and CRM integration designed to help salespeople close deals in a timely manner. Yesware works in conjunction with, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle CRM among other CRM platforms.

In an effort to help sales teams better gauge prospect interest, Yesware’s tracking features are designed to report the time, frequency, location and platform of the recipient once the email is opened. Reporting is also designed to prioritize email conversations by customer engagement, offering sales greater opportunity to interact with interested prospects.

The Cambrige, MA-based company offers reporting functionality to measure activities performed rather than data entered. This feature is designed to enable sales to leverage the amount of time spent on filing paperwork, while managers have a more accurate view into sales success.

Key features of Yesware’s initial rollout include integrated sales email templates activity-based reporting; email tracking; and Yesware for mobile phones, which offers tracking, activity, priority and team reports via smartphones. For salespeople with Android phones, Yesware offers a mobile application that allows users to send sales templates from their handset.

“Our mission is to help salespeople close more deals faster,” said Matthew Bellow, CEO and Founder of Yesware. “That means helping salespeople communicate more effectively and efficiently, reducing their data entry requirements and providing them with key customer insights.”

“We invested in Yesware because of how they turn a pain point into a productivity point,” noted Rich Miner, Patner at Google Ventures. “They take what for some is a chore — dealing with endless email — and turn it into an invaluable enterprise tool facilitating much of the sales process. We were impressed by the team’s vision and product direction and look forward to working with them to deliver productivity gains for millions of professionals.”