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Bizo Updates Self-Service B2B Marketing Platform For SMBs

this week announced changes to the company's self-service marketing platform for B2B marketers at small and midsized firms.

According to the company, its Bizo Marketing Platform, Self-Service Edition has been expanded to include new social marketing and display ad retargeting capabilities, in addition to the platform's existing customer analytics and web site retargeting modules.

The new version of Bizo Marketing Platform, Self-Service Edition includes:

Display Ad Retargeting that allows marketers to create and deliver targeted, personalized display ads to prospects that have visited the client's web site without converting;

Social Retargeting extends the Bizo platform's ad retargeting support to retarget display ads to prospects who click on links to articles or other content shared through social channels;

Social Audience Analytics identifies conversion rates and other metrics for prospects that click links shared through social media channels;

Shared Content Branding allows marketers to create branded banner ads that are displayed when sharing third-party content via social channels;

Conversion Action Tracking tracks conversions by social channel.

According to Bizo, more than 30 companies participated in a beta test of the Self-Service Edition update.

"With social marketing spend on the rise, it was time to help B2B marketers integrate display advertising with influential social channels such as Twitter to help grow their brands, minimize lost conversion opportunities through retargeting, and boost the impact of every dollar—and hour—spent in building a social presence," said Chris Mann, Vice President of Product Management at Bizo. "SMB marketers targeting business audiences will be able to get a handle on the exact content and tactics that are driving conversions from their social marketing investments."