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Brainshark Connector For Microsoft Dynamics CRM Streamlines Delivery Of Sales Enablement Content

Brainshark, Inc
., a provider of online and mobile video presentations, recently introduced the Brainshark Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Through Brainshark’s integration and partnership with Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics CRM users can take advantage of Brainshark to improve the quality and effectiveness of their sales communications.

Brainshark’s cloud-based software enables organizations to create online video presentations by adding elements such as voice, video clips, survey and test questions, and attachments to PowerPoint decks and other static documents. This video content is then automatically formatted for optimal viewing on desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and tablets.

When logged into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, sales reps and marketers can share Brainshark video presentations with leads and contacts in the system, and customize the content for various audiences. Recipients can view this content quickly and conveniently on their computers and mobile devices.

Brainshark users also can send email with integrated presentation links, allowing them to track viewing activity and content effectiveness. Users can see when recipients view their presentations, facilitating timely follow-up communication. Brainshark also offers detailed analytics, including who viewed the presentation, when they viewed it, how much they viewed, what type of device they used and how their questions were answered.

“We chose to align our offerings with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help joint users improve sales and marketing outreach, identify and prioritize more leads, and boost communications productivity,” said Kate Skelly, VP Corporate & Business Development, Brainshark. “With our new Connector, we’re happy to make the benefits of Brainshark just clicks away from Microsoft Dynamics CRM users.”

Brainshark will soon unveil the next release of its Connector, designed to enable rapid and secure deployment of Brainshark-based sales training courses and curriculums to internal reps and partners using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In addition, users will be able to leverage the Connector to send mass email marketing campaigns with Brainshark presentation links, while still enabling individual viewer tracking.