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Cliently Platform Aims To Help Marketers Double Lead Engagement

Source: Cliently Source: Cliently

Cliently, a lead generation and outreach automation solutions provider, is designed to enable marketers to increase lead engagement by as much as 50%. The platform is positioned to help users easily segment and personalize content, as well as automate outreach to save time and keep their brand front and center with prospects.


Cliently aims to offer more than just email automation. Platform features include the ability to:

  • Send personalized video messages: users can easily record one-off, personalized video messages or a targeted message to send to multiple leads in an automated flow;
  • Use direct mail as a form of engagement: companies can make themselves memorable by mailing gifts, swag and cards to top leads or new customers;
  • Set up fully automated flows: Cliently flows can be set up with both physical and digital outreach channels, including personalized email. Users can create, edit and start flows in Pipedrive;
  • Track lead engagement: see who opens emails or watches video messages to easily stay on top of engaged leads; and
  • Find new leads: search the Cliently database of millions of leads filtered to just the right profile for products or services, including title, role, location, industry, size and revenue.


This solution is ideal for sales and marketing teams looking to use automation for the full customer lifecycle.


Cliently is positioned to integrate with leading CRMs, including Salesforce, Pipedrive and Hubspot.


Pricing is flexible based on the user’s needs. For simple email and video campaigns, the cost is $39/month per user for unlimited email and video messages. To get the most out of Cliently, teams can upgrade their plans to include the ability to send premium items to leads from their automated outreach, including handwritten notes, gift cards and postcards.


Customers include Cliq, AttendO and Intellirent.


Cliently intends to offer a platform that goes beyond the usual outreach automation tools at a price that is affordable. In addition to automation, the solution includes features for video messaging, direct mail, lead generation, engagement tracking and more.


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