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Craftom Aims To Improve Direct Mail Strategies With Gift Sourcing & Sending Management Platform

Craftom, a gifting and shipping platform, aims to help usersimprove their direct mail and gifting capabilities with customizable andeasy-to-source, hyper-designed corporate gifts, products and office equipment.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

Craftomis designed to help users build unique gifts, promotional products, office supplies and equipment for clients on-demand, with a variety of packaging and sending options for custom direct mail strategies. Users can manage their gift building and sending from a centralized platform, and send gifts to an account’s preferred address.

The platform leverages customer data platforms, such as Salesforce, HubspotMarketo and more, to inform its address confirmation capabilities, allowing users to identify target accounts’ preferred addresses for more effective sending. Users can also track important sending data about accounts to inform future direct mail strategies. 

Who It's For

Craftom is designed for sales, marketing, demand gen, field marketing, ABM, and other revenue-generating teams, including HR and IT/operations, teams looking for a simplified way to manage their gifting capabilities.

What Makes It Special

The platform provides access to thousands of brands and products within the Craftom Marketplace to help users source and ship their gifts