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Do-It-Yourself Video Animation With GoAnimate

GoAnimate logoGoAnimate is a DIY platform designed to help companies make marketing, training and sales enablement videos quickly and cost-effectively.


The animated video solution is designed to provide users with the ability to make animated video content from a single location. With characters, backgrounds, actions, and props preconfigured within the platform, users can create video content with drag-and-drop templates.

The solution is also positioned to enable users share their videos via email, social networks, learning management systems, PowerPoint and more once the video downloaded as an MP4 file.

Targeted Users

Content marketers, demand generation marketers, salespeople, corporate trainers, executive trainers, compliance pros, presenters, bloggers.


After downloading your GoAnimate video in MP4 format, you can upload it to any CRM, LMS, or piece of presentation software.


Pricing starts at $79/month for a GoPremium subscription.

Competitive Positioning

Animated video content provides users with much more flexibility when it comes to how they want to display their message to a target audience. With GoAnimate, users are provided a tool that is oftentimes too expensive for companies to even consider implementing into their content marketing strategy. The drag-and-drop features also makes it easier for content marketers to begin leveraging this new form of video content.

The solution also enables marketing teams to collaborate internally in order to test certain aspects of the video. This provides marketers with deeper insights into how their audience is interacting with their content—allowing them to produce more relevant and resonant content in the future.

Contact Information


Headquartered in San Mateo, CA.