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FormAssembly Workflow Seeks To Simplify Data Collection

FormAssembly is an all-in-one form and process-building platform that helps organizations take control of the data collection process. FormAssembly Workflow is a visual, no-code process-building interface that aims to simplify secure data collection and collaboration within organizations, allowing users to combine forms, emails, integrations and more into sequential data roadmaps.

Back-Of-The-Box Details

FormAssembly Workflow is a solution built onto the form-building platform’s original product. It combines data collection with a visual process builder to help organizations streamline processes, boost collaboration and make better decisions faster. Workflow allows organizations to involve stakeholders and build processes that combine FormAssembly forms, emails, integrations and more, all without code.

Who It's For

FormAssembly Workflow benefits organizations in healthcare, government, higher ed and more. Users may be directors, administrators, analysts in tech/IT or marketing. The solution aims to solve pain points including low visibility of the data collection process in an organization, resource-consuming data compliance and auditing processes and overwhelming cross-departmental tasks and collaboration.

What It Solves

FormAssembly Workflow seeks to provide an inside look at how an organization’s data is collected, which inevitably reduces the time and resources spent on outdated processes. The goal is to enable revenue teams to focus on customer retention because of simplified internal processes.

What Makes It Special

FormAssembly's internal Workflow solution aims to help organizations in highly regulated industries power advanced, multi-step data collection processes requiring conditional routing, multiple participants, system integrations and stakeholder approval. The solution seeks to minimize effort, manual tasks and miscommunication.



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