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Infor Adds Marketing Automation To Salesforce Platform Offerings

Infor Global Solutions
is a major provider of enterprise software systems, including ERP, financials, supply chain and CRM products. Now, the company appears to be setting its sights on the enterprise marketing automation market.

Inforce Marketing, introduced at Dreamforce in San Francisco last month, is billed as a "comprehensive global marketing automation platform" that is built on the Salesforce platform. It is the company's second product built entirely upon Salesforce; the first, Inforce, was released in early September and is designed to bridge Salesforce CRM with Infor's ERP and other back-office applications.

According to a company news release, Inforce Marketing is also designed to link back-office ERO to front-office lead and customer management functions. Key features in the new product include:

  • Planning capabilities, including visibility into leads, costs, results and revenue generated as a result of marketing campaigns;
  • Mutl-channel campaign management, including the ability to automatically execute a campaign and conduct follow-up activities; this includes email, direct mail, social media and telemarketing campaign activities.;
  • Lead optimization tools that assess leads for quality once they enter Salesforce, estimate how closely a lead fits a company's ideal lead profile, and then prioritizes the lead for follow-up based upon this assessment ;
  • Analytics and reporting capabilities designed to track revenue objectives and KPIs.

"Previously, sophisticated marketing operations relied on antiquated software that was expensive and hard to manage, inhibiting them from accessing an accurate picture of campaigns and information when they needed it," said George Wright, SVP and GM of CRM, Infor.  "Inforce Marketing breaks down these barriers and boosts collaboration by combining real-time information from multiple sources through the Salesforce interface, providing fast, effective results, while keeping costs in check."