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KiteDesk Enhances FIND Product With Lead Targeting By Technologies

KiteDesk is a sales prospecting software that enables salespeople to pursue leads using information such as lead data, email, phone, calendar and reports. The company recently upgraded its KiteDesk FIND product, which offers search capabilities designed to deliver faster and more comprehensive lead targeting with Tech Stack data.


KiteDesk FIND enables users to target the right prospects at the right companies. The solution includes capabilities to isolate companies that have a multinational presence, or single locations, as well as the ability to rename saved searches and modify search options.

The new addition of Tech Stack data positions customers to target accounts by the software and hardware technologies they use, the company said. The capability enables users to search more than 2,200 technology profiles in more than 100 categories.

Additional features include:

  • 300 leads per month;
  • Account-based sales prospecting;
  • Ideal customer profile builder;
  • On-demand data marketplace;
  • Multiple data providers;
  • Tech stack, news and alerts data;
  • Chrome extension; and
  • Bulk lead assignment.

Targeted Users

KiteDesk’s targets are B2B companies that are looking to grow their sales revenue.


KiteDesk features bi-directional sync to the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Delivery/Pricing Models

KiteDesk is a cloud-based SaaS product. Seat licenses for each of the company’s products are paid annually.

Current Clients/Users

KiteDesk customers include Greenhouse, BetterWorks, Leanplum and Triblio.

Competitive Positioning

With KiteDesk, all top-of-funnel lead generation, lead routing and lead management is in a single application. The speed-to-lead of being able to work prospects efficiently and effectively is the top reason customers adopt the suite.