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Kronologic Aims To Streamline Sales’ Processes With Automated Scheduling

Kronologic’s Active Scheduling technology and Calendar Monetization Engine is designed to help monetize and automate sales’ time. The solution aims to improve the speed of lead-to-meeting conversion on inbound leads, automate cross-sell and upsell campaigns and increase the amount of meetings and pipeline your sales team generates.


Features/functionality of Kronologic’s Active Scheduling technology and Calendar Monetization Engine include:

  • Lead follow-up so marketers are guaranteed that every qualified lead they generate is timely worked;
  • Single-click meeting acceptance by prospects (no form to fill, not calendars to browse through); and
  • Full automation for sellers, as Kronologic works in the background and meetings simply show up on seller's calendars.

Targeted Users

This product intends to serve demand gen marketers, event marketers, inside sales leaders, mid-market and SMB sales leaders, CMOs and CROs.


Compatibility encompasses Salesforce, Hubspot, Outlook and G Suite.

Delivery/Pricing Models

Kronologic Active Scheduling is priced per meeting, so users only pay for the value the solution deliver.

Current Clients/Users

Current clients include Dell, CDW, Caterpillar, BigCommerce, WP Engine and Thomson Reuters.

Competitive Positioning

The automation involved aims to convert leads to meetings while requiring minimal work from sales professionals.

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